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About Sri Sai Balaji Estates.

25 years old reputed, corporate company having thousand & lacks of satisfied customers. Completed many ventures in and around city. Few highlighted projects of Sri Sai Balaji Estates are : Project near Gurramguda, Turkayamjal Project, Pedda Amberpet Project. We have huge satisfied customer data base as we do all approved, Title clear layouts with full developments.

Here at Sri Sai Balaji Estates, we understand the importance of time, thus we give at the most attention to the customer. It is a well know fact that trends and tastes change with the passage of time. As time passes by each decade moves on to another, the concept of fine living changes and so does the standard of living. Along with it, there are gigantic advancements in the fields of infrastructure, architecture, landscaping, technology, and education which when clubbed together with an ever evolving creative human mind has now made it possible to incorporate all these into a City of Wonders, brought together for the people to experience a lifestyle with a wide horizon, easy accessibility & availability of basic amenities.

Sri Sai Balaji Estates integrates established, professional high-tech techniques specializing in the marketing & sales of residential gated communities and investment opportunities.

Sri Sai Balaji Estates maintains a staff of well-trained Real Estate professionals who persistently endeavor to provide excellent service for their individual clients and customers.

Today, the world is riddled with the issue of crime and a general lack of security which obstructs and affects an individual’s freedom of living in more ways than one. Sri Sai Balaji Estates caters to the needs and demands of this age and time, thus, will provide an elaborate 24×7 security system in order to create a safe and secure environment for the residents to live freely in. This certainly will add to the glory of the city over time.

Sustainable development is yet another issue that is talked about too much but is rarely implemented. In contrast, Sri Sai Balaji Estates has detailed plans on our projects for the appreciation of customer’s investment. we do a lot of survey regarding the up-coming developments and future Government and Private Projects coming up around our ventures. So we confidently grauntee our customers that they will have a good price growth on there investments. That's the basic and Main Secret of our Sri Sai Balaji Estates Growth graph.


Our Vision.

Our Md Sir's vision is to have a piece of land or a home to Everybody, No matter what they are in their finincal background. From the begining, we sell plots on installments to make a "common man's dream come true" in terms of there dream home. Even now we are able to sell HMDA layout plots on easy installments which we can proudly say this that we are able to do so, only because of the great support from our old esteemed Customer's, who treat us as their family.

Our goal is to be the most influential and respected service provider. To achieve our commitments we require the highest level of passion, performance and professionalism. The higher we set our sights and standards, the better we serve the people we care about.

  • To make Sri Sai Balaji Estates as one of the Fortune 500 companies.
  • To provide 1 Lakh Employment as early as possible
  • To share the Wealth through Knowledge to the Society.
  • To develop Knowledge Based Society for Beautiful and Powerful India.
  • To provide Serene & Blissful Life.

Our Mission.

At Sri Sai Balaji Estates, we understand that investing in the property is one of the biggest decisions you'll ever make. Naturally, you want the best possible outcome. you also want sound advice you can trust and discreet professional service you can count on. Sri Sai Balaji Estates is not just another real Estates agency. we pride ourselves on being different in many positive ways that give our clients a significant edge when investing in the property.

  • Integrate Building Technology with Nature and Mankind.
  • To meet and excel “Clients” expectations through accountability, hard work and through constant pursuit of highest standards of quality.
  • To work with strategic planning and enduring perseverance to achieve customer satisfaction, stakeholders benefits and economic growth for the organization.

Our MD's Message.

Our plots are for lower, upper and for all common Middle class people. These plots are "the best" for all the investors who expect good return's in short period.

Sri Sai Balaji Estates does all residential layouts and construction projects. All these projects have cemented a concrete relationship with our customers with our professional approach to every project from selection of site, planning, execution to delivery. Sri Sai Balaji Estates understands owning a house is a big dream to the middle class, so we make all our efforts to exceed customers expectations in terms of quality, service and safety.

We invite you to join this wonderful journey that we are embarking upon. It's vision to create a home as exclusive and as enchanting as you. All our layouts are built with passion, capturing every aspiration and creating an address that stands out uniquely for living, enjoying and investing. Come, let's write a new chapter in lifestyle living!